Hypnotique Vintage Max Factor Perfume Cat

This was quite a lucky find. It’s not worth a fortune (perhaps $30) but it is quite collectable – and we found it in with a box of bits that my sister had purchased at a local sale for less than $2. It was a complete surprise to find it in there as she had only bought the box for the sleep timer she had seen in it, so this was a nice little bonus.

maxfactor perfume cat

It is a Max Factor perfume called Hypnotique sold in the 1950s we think (or possibly 60s) and is in a plastic dome with a yellow cat in a feather boa and pearl necklace. When trying to find out more about them we have also seen what looks to be the same thing with different colored cats (blue, pink and black) so think there are at least four colors to collect.

A pretty nice find from a box of rubbish :-)

Eggstraordinary Sale

Food prices may have been rising lately, but this takes the biscuit (and helps make the cake) – a single chicken egg has just fetched £480.

round egg

And apparently it is not the first time that a perfectly spherical egg has been sold for a substantial sum.

Gina Read, editor of a free online magazine for backyard chicken keepers, said “when I first started keeping chickens, with the initial coop costs and everything else involved, we would often joke that the eggs were costing hundreds of pounds a dozen – now it seems that is true :-)”

The owner of the clever hen, Kim Broughton, was surprised when it had been bid up to £20, so must have been shell-shocked when it reached it’s final price.

Gina added “I am surprised it got as much as that, and very pleased for the charity. Hopefully this will encourage more people to think about keeping chickens – although don’t expect too many round eggs, they are quite rare.”

Keeping Chickens Newsletter :

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London Calling


Would you pay almost $2000 for this phone ?

Someone did ….


This princess style, rotary wall phone dating from the 1960s recently sold for nearly $2k. Why? Well apparently, according to one kind viewer, it is a rare prototype telephone that ultimately became the Trimline telephone, made by Western Electric and looks like what is called a “Shmoo” phone, so called after the cartoon character.

This was a total surprise to the seller who started the auction off at just $10.

It just goes to show how items will find their own value if given a chance.

The day before the auction ended the bid price stood at $225. Three bidders battled it out in the last minute to jump from $225 to $1964.88 – never, never end an auction early…

“Vampire Bat” sells for over $1400


Chances are you don’t have one of these sitting in the cupboard but if you do it could be worth over $1k.

In this solid mahogany coffin with its hinged lid, brass fittings and view glass, measuring 24cm long and 12cm wide…lies a bat.


Although not particularvaluely fashionable these days antique taxidermy still has many collectors and a quick look at the tv listings will tell you how popular vampires are at the moment.

This unusual item recently sold for £895 uk pounds in an online auction. It’s not my cup of tea, but I dare say it’s made somebody very happy.